Frequently asked questions

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  • Is this an Australia-wide service?
    Currently this service is only for weddings held in Melbourne and Victoria. We are aiming to cover the rest of Australian soon.
  • How many Wedding Photographers will you match us up with?
    We usually can match you up with at least 2 to 3 wedding photographers who cover your area, and are actually available for your wedding date.
  • What are the qualifications of the Wedding Photographers who you recommend?
    We have in place strict vetting procedures to ensure we are matching up couples with some of Australia's best Wedding Photographers. Our Wedding Photographers are experienced, reliable, talented, passionate about their art, and always looking to provide the best customer experience they possibly can.
  • Is the information I give you secure?
    Absolutely yes. It is only used by us to match you up with a member Wedding Photographer(s). We do not sell or pass it onto anyone else what-so-ever. We respect your privacy as though it were our own.
  • What if I am not happy with the recommendations I receive?
    If in the unlikely event that were to happen, tell us. We will re-examine your information and try again.
  • Do you offer any other wedding services recommendations?  e.g. Celebrants and DJ's
    Sure, just ask and we will certainly do our best.
  • How can this be a free service?
    The Wedding Photographers we have selected to recommend have decided to spend less of their advertising and marketing $$$ elsewhere, instead diverting it to this service so it can remain free for users.
  • Who owns this web site?
    This web site is owned by a real working Wedding Photographer, Alan Rogers based in Melbourne. Over many years Alan has seen first hand how stressful it can be for couples to find the right Wedding Photographer, and so he decided to start this free service.
  • Why does this service save us time?
    Searching the internet for Wedding Photographers takes a lot of time. It can be very frustrating when you think you have found someone only to then discover they are already booked for your date. We only match you up with photographers who ARE available for your wedding date, so there is no time wasting for you.
  • Do you offer a 100% guarantee that we will be happy with Wedding Photographer you match us with?
    No we can not. Although we seek to match you with a suitable Wedding Photographer, we cannot make any guarantees because ultimately your agreement is with them and not us.
  • Why don't you just make a list on your web site of the Wedding Photographers you recommend?
    Because the list would be enormous, taking into account all the various styles, areas, and also it would not be possible to keep accurate availability dates for every single photographer. Our service takes away all the confusion, frustration/stress, and saves you time!